About the donkeys

Donkeys have been painstakingly accompanying man for over 5000 years.

Donkeys are intelligent and intuitive animals that will refuse to do something if they feel there is a danger.

Even though it is part of the equine family, the donkey is different from the horse in many aspects. It is generally smaller in size, has a larger skull, thicker fur, a short, raised mane, large ears and narrower hooves.

Its short-haired tail ends with a long tuft. Even its sound is unique: the donkey brays. Most donkeys have a pale tipped muzzle, pale belly, and eyes circled in white, which gives them their sweet expression as described by many authors.

The Asinerie du Pays des Collines is one of the most famous donkey farms in Europe. We have all the conditions needed for donkeys to be raised and trained by the book, in a natural, semi free range setting. Once the donkey has reached the age of 10 or 12 months, if you have the required knowledge and are able to offer an environment where the donkey can be fully nurtured (pasture, shelter, care, etc.), you can adopt one to be your faithful companion.

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